Challenging my brain and my stomach…and arteries

It’s so cold.  I can’t take it.

Truth be told…it’s 50 with a low of 39. Yup, totally COLD to me.  It’s seriously baaaaad..

I mean, the first time I feel that cooler breeze and see a yellow leaf fall from the trees, I get so, so, so very sad and I can’t get warm.

We’re getting into the 2 seasons where my skin is white and dry enough to etch your name in with your fingernail, my nose stays red and I’m FREEZING. FREEZING. FREEZING and complaining about it.

It’s actually the first day it’s been this chilly and already, I want to hibernate.  And eat a lot of warm, gooey food.  And wear stretchy pants.  And sit around.  And waste time staring at food on Pinterest.  And cook EVERYTHING from my food board on Pinterest.

So, in honor of cheesey, gooby, warm and comforting food, AND the stupid, inevitable even cooler (cold!!) weather,  I am going to challenge myself and make a recipe everyday this week from my saved favorites.  And, they will all be cheesey.  Or fattening and unhealthy.  And I will try my best to share them with my family.  Damn.

Flash forward 3 weeks as I edit this saved Post.

Well…know this about me:  I suck at GOALS.

So. I did make new foods from my “the yummiest things” board.  They were delicious and happy and filling.  But, only 3.

I love cooking new things and pigging-out, but life took the f*&%$ over.  Had to deal with sewer backing-up in our tub, search for and apply to jobs online (the longest search in history…REALLY), clean the house, retrieve the Christmas boxes from our storage facility (THAT will be a future post!), suck up the never-ending piles of leaves in the yard, re-hab my ever-hurting, injured knee…and the list goes on with things that got in the way with accomplishing this GOAL.

AND the weather got warm and balmy- great for prolonging the warmer month joys of barefeet, sleeveless tshirts and having open house windows; bad for holing-up in a warm kitchen, even though I would be salivating while cooking lovely, satisyingly-beautiful new concoctions.  I would rather be outside in the sun gathering pecans in everyone’s front yards at this point.

The 3 things (scratch that- it was 4…remember, I’m blonde. Geez.) that I made were scrumptious and probably clogged my arteries and the arteries of all the others who I let eat some of these nummies.  But, it was so worth it.  The tight waist in my jeans may indicate otherwise, but we’ll deal with that later.

I did a few tweaks here and there to the recipes like I do to almost everything I make, but the links to the original recipes are attached.

Number one comfort and not-so-gooby food that I made was this BRILLIANT recipe for Honey-Sesame Chicken in a, ta-da….CROCK POT! It’s phenomenal.  I have pickey-ass teenage boys who need protein and troughs full of dinner.  This fits both categories and is a winner, to the point that we were ALL licking the crock pot.

The next totally artery-clogging “dish o’death and comfort” was Taco Pasta Bake. I have made this sucker again since then and still almost pass out from the cheesey-warm-comfort factor.  My 17 year old said, “This is really good, Mom.”  Wow.  This is HUGE.  Refer to the post on Aliens and you will understand just how monumental hearing those words were.  This recipe is a keeper.  If you have teenagers who need to “feed” regularly then this is the recipe for you!  They will be full, full, full which equals USELESS- a downside for sure.  Oh, well.

Third on the list of accomplished new recipes is a truly comforting, full of fat and happiness Hot Corn Dip.  It’s really an appetizer, but in the name of “cooking for the blog”, it became a side dish.  A side dish eaten with Baked Tostitos- no utensils needed. Not a speck was left.  Well, maybe a SPECK on the side of the dish. (Utensil needed now to scrape these crunchy bits) And, truth be told, more than 3 people should eat it or you might wake up feeling a little like a bloated puffer fish from eating all that cheese.  Like I did, but it was worth it.

Used to be Hot Corn Dip

The fourth Pinterest recipe was made as the main dish to accompany the very satisfying ”mess” from above.  It’s a Chicken and Spinach Pasta Bake.  Aaaah, music to my ears-PASTA.  And again, lots of CHEESE and quite delicious.  Tweaked it a bit, but it’s a very fast and filling recipe for bottomless-pit teenage appetites.   Not to mention, great for moms who need something to soak up the wine that’s being consumed during the cooking process.  And, also the grease from the gazillion cups of cheese from the above-mentioned “corn-dip-as-a-side-dish”.

Just realized there was yet a FIFTH recipe.  Gaaaad.  Is it age-related memory loss or wine-while-cooking that f*&^%s with my recollection?  Oh well.  This one doesn’t have any cheese in it, but boy, it’s got some fat.  These are, simply put, THE BEST BROWNIES I HAVE EVER EATENPERIOD.  The one down-side to these fabu-brownies is that the recipe requires patience, which I usually lack.  But, persevere and follow the recipe to a T and your tastebuds and belly will be rewarded.

That’s my picure of my final recipe from the week…and the LAST two pieces that weren’t inhaled by my family!  They are Mrs. Field’s Superfudge Brownies from a really great food blog!  Have a big glass of milk at the ready, and get ready to scarf down another big piece.

Now, on this the first evening in 6 that I haven’t made a new dish from Pinterest and the first after completing my ”a-new-recipe-a-day-cook-and-eat-because-it’s-cold-fest”,  my body is filled with cheese, calories, fat and goo, and my pants are a tad tighter.

I’m only going to eat veggies and drink smoothies with ground flax seeds for the next few days.

Kidding.  I just ate a banana muffin…from the grocery store bakery section…with butter.



  1. Cynde says:

    Inspired to try the honey seame chicken /not-so-goodby delight!!!

    • admin says:

      It’s so, so, so, so good. I made REAL brown rice, the kind that cooks for 40 minutes, and it’s a great addition to this! omg. xoxoxoox

  2. anne-marie says:

    these recipes look great, will have to be adventuresome and try them. or have you make one of them when you visit!!!!

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