FALLing back sucks. Or does it?

I’m so confused.  WHAT TIME IS IT?

No, seriously.  This “Fall back” thing has thrown me for a complete loop this year.  I’m starting like a horse out of the gate at 6:30 a.m., and by 3:00, the confusion sets in.

Two things that signify that Fall is upon us:  setting the clocks back an hour and completely being confused by the NEW time.  It’s not the leaves falling from the trees that clog up the gutters or the gazillion live oak nuts in my driveway that make it nearly impossible to get the newspaper in the morning while still foggy-eyed and barefoot.  Or even the cooler Texas weather. Yes, that’s a treat, but not a sign of Fall for me.

Now.  The time changing thing would not make as much of a befuddled blonde out of me if my husband or I took the time to turn the clocks back ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  But let me say THIS.  I am not that kind of gal.  I don’t like to stop long enough to do something that tedious, not fun or something that requires reading a manual.

So the clocks stay where they are…in Daylight Savings Time.  With my brain.

Tuesday I had a “FALL back” of the worst and best kind.  Here we go.

It was 5:00 p.m., and I started the pre-FAMILY INVASION BACK TO THE HOUSE rituals of a stay-at-home-mom: picking up, running the dishwasher, THAWING meat, and making sure there is WINE.

Then, the time wrinkle/yearly blonde moment/Fall issue began.

My boys were still at wrestling and football practice, so I decided to take my very bored dogs for a walk.  I poured a glass of wine.

We walked a familiar path down the block, me with wine glass prominantly displayed in hand. Along the street, around the block and down the alley we went.

I got home, poured another glass and sat down to check emails.

The CORRECT time flashed before my eyes on the always-accurate computer clock:  4:39 p.m. WTF.

Panic set in.  I quickly realized that I drank wine before 5.  That’s so NOT cool!  People driving by saw me, wine glass in hand, drinking BEFORE 5.

I called my hopefully-sympathetic friend and wine-comrade.

I told her the true story of this brain fart, brain coma or, truth be told…a complete BLONDE moment.

“No worries.  Open a NEW bottle.  Store the other.  No one, including you, will know you started drinking. It’s NOW 5 o’clock.  Just call it re-WINE-ing.”

So, I did.  I re-WINED.  I opened a new bottle and put the old one, still half-full, in the produce drawer behind the liquified lettuce.

Depending on perspective, a good thing turned into a sign that I’m a lush, or a bad thing turned into a good, hilarious laugh.

Here we are now, 6 days into the NEW time.  All of the clocks are in sync and my brain is no longer bewildered.

Everything should be ok…as long as I don’t look at my watch.



  1. anne-marie says:

    wow, you wait until 5pm? if it’s after 12 it’s fine by me!!!

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